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In today’s world, people’s attention spans disintegrate in a matter of seconds. Catching the eye and holding it is a long-lost effect.

Seven seconds is all it takes before a user swipes, interacts, or makes contact. In that mere 7 seconds, millions of micro-judgments pass through their mind before they decide on what kind of person they think you are.

What if you could get inside their head? Figure out how you’re coming across at first glance?

That’s the magic behind Photofeeler.

Without further ado, here are five do’s and don’ts to make Photofeeler uber useful for you.

Don’t: Sweat Your Ratings

picking petals off daisy yogi bear
Photofeeler ratings aren’t a yes or no answer. It’s not like picking petals off a daisy…

Am I hot?
Am I ugly?
Am I- stop right there.

The ratings you receive for any photo test on Photofeeler are intended to be used as constructive building blocks or checkpoints toward the bigger picture (excuse the pun).

Think about how you want people to perceive you on XYZ social media, and use the ratings and feedback to improve your photo until you arrive at your goal impression.

It’s a matter of becoming more self-aware, rather than self-conscious, of your online impression. Since nobody online knows your personality and essence IRL, perfecting your snaps with help from Photofeeler will significantly impact your experience across socials and apps like Linkedin, Instagram, and any dating app!

Check the two photos below.

before and after sultry profile photo, best examples

Notice how the first image ranks much lower than the second image because of the clothing choice, posing, and emotion. The second snap seems warmer, more inviting, soft, and light-hearted; an “oops! You caught me in the moment” click.

Don’t: Test Just One Pic

man building gingerbread house slight deviation with arms and different scores

Look how minor differences influence the ratings. The slight turn of his body emphasizes his arms and neckline better, boosting the attractiveness score.

We cannot emphasize this enough– test multiple photos!

Don’t limit yourself to testing a single profile shot. The secondary snaps matter just as much as any. Once you get positive feedback on a photo, replace an old pic on your profile with the new snap.

If testing a bunch of pics at once is out of your price range, we recommend testing your top 3-5 similar photos with a standard test (20 votes) or a precise test (40 votes). It provides enough context to understand necessary tweaks and changes without breaking the bank.

For important decision-making photos, like Linkedin profile pics, use a Precise (40 votes) or Very Precise (80 votes) test to cover all bases.

Do: Take Photos When Opportunities Arrive

taking photos of your friends on vacation with cellphone
Going on a vacay? Snap a pic.

Out for a coffee with your mates? Grab a coffee selfie; better latte than never. 😉

Basically, if you’re feeling yourself and you’re out and about, there’s no better time to take a photo.

man taking photos of his friends with a thumbs up gif

Candid snaps usually rock the ratings. Something about catching people glowing in their element just does it for people.

Ask your friend to capture you with the “Live setting” on your phone cam. When the night is through, you can capture a still of a raw moment in your phone’s editing panel. Pick the most naturally-you photo and double-check your choices on Photofeeler!

Do: Consider all the Traits

As people, we’re looking for entirely different images when browsing future hires, prospective dates, and social media follows. We’ve journeyed to the depths of the Linkedin trenches, swiped through the forests of singles on Tinder, and scoured the most engaging social media accounts to find the secret sauce that drives peeps to your pic.

When you test a photo, read up on the why behind each trait to further understand how to woo your target audience.

Here’s how each trait connects to someone viewing your profile for the first time:

Why each trait matters for dating photos

Intelligence, trustworthiness, and attractiveness are the top metrics for any perfect dating pic. Trustworthiness matters more than most people think. People want to go on dates with someone that looks credible and not risky.

Just as well, singles are looking to couple up with someone who’s got their act together and has something going for them; hence, the smart factor.

The attractiveness attribute here is the most controversial on Photofeeler because users assume others are ranking them out of 1-10, when in reality, it’s a mixture of multiple factors.

Now, we’re not saying looks don’t matter. But plenty of hotties rank low due to unflattering clothing choices, awkward posing, or bad photo lighting/editing. Don’t take the scores at face value (because it’s not all about your sexy mug). Read the feedback and make tweaks. Minor details like your pose or pout could be sending signals (and singles) the wrong impression.

Why each trait matters for business photos

girl taking three different photos of herself for business photos

Competency, likability, and influence are the secret emotion-invoking elements behind your favorite Linkedin profile picture.

An employer needs to feel like you know your stuff, can fit into their company culture, and brings an aura of influence to the workplace. It’s not enough to look competent; you need to look like someone people want to work with.

Why each trait matters for social photos

It’s key to appear confident, authentic, and fun in your social snaps. People love photos that look like they were taken in the spur of the moment, without being too posed. It radiates authenticity!

Use this category to test social media profile pictures or multiple angles for the next, best Insta shot.

Do: Read Our Resources

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Our blog is constantly updated with the best photo tips we can get our paws on.

If there’s anything you’re lost on, email us– we’ll fill you in on everything we know about the topic and send related articles on photo fixes.

Until then, happy photo testing! We wish you high scores and constructive feedback on your next fave click.