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Dating Coach for Men/Guys: Should You Hire One? [PROS and CONS]

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What You Should Know About Hiring a Dating Coach or Consultant

In simple pros and cons.


• You can ask a dating coach questions that are specific to your situation and get specific guidance back.

• Working with a dating coach gives you the confidence that answers/feedback are always within reach, and you’re not alone in your struggle.

• A dating coach keeps you accountable, so you don’t slack off on scheduling dates or flake out at the last minute.


• Dating coaches are expensive.

• Most of dating can be boiled down to a handful of common scenarios, and there’s tons of dating advice for free online that covers these.

• Working with a dating coach can be vulnerable and scary for some people, in which case they’d rather ask people they already know for advice or look online.

• Working with a dating coach requires lots of effort on your part — to figure out and communicate exactly what you want out of the coaching, to reach out to women, to plan dates, etc. etc. Your coach can’t do any of the actual dating on your behalf.

• Choosing a dating coach requires research. Otherwise, you could end up with someone whose personality is a mismatch and/or whose strategies don’t align at all with who you are.

So should you hire that dating coach/consultant for men? I hope these pros and cons have helped you see what’s best for you.

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