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Zoosk Reviews

Zoosk Dating Site/App Reviews

We read them all so you don’t have to.

What do people say about using Zoosk for dating? Here’s a summarized version of the pros and cons that the majority of dating site/app reviewers online have encountered while using Zoosk.

The Good Zoosk Reviews (Zoosk Pros)

• Zoosk has lots of users to browse through.

• Reviews that compare top dating sites like Match and eHarmony are quick to point out that Zoosk has the most slick, beautiful interface.

• Zoosk is extremely easy to navigate and use.

• Zoosk is fun to use.

The Bad Zoosk Reviews (Zoosk Cons)

• Some Zoosk users report encountering fake profiles and scammers. All dating sites are struggling with this problem lately to different degrees, but it’s something to be aware of going in.

• Some Zoosk users were frustrated with the number of inactive accounts.

• Some Zoosk users say that get questionable views on their profile (that seem to be automated rather than genuine).

• Some Zoosk users reported difficulty with canceling their memberships or being wrongfully charged. While we can’t personally confirm or deny, do proceed carefully with this.

Zoosk Pricing

The basic membership cost includes the ability to message other users. There are, however, additional upgrades you can buy via “Zoosk coins” not listed here.

Zoosk Monthly Membership Cost | 2017 | US and Canada:

Duration Price Per Month Total Price
6 Months $14.98 $89.98
3 Months $19.95 $59.85
1 Month $29.95 $29.95

Zoosk Monthly Membership Cost | 2017 | UK:

Duration Price Per Month Total Price
6 Months £11.99 £71.94
3 Months £15.98 £47.94
1 Month £22.74 £22.74

How to Get the Most Out of Zoosk

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Your profile pictures color the tone of every word on your profile and every message you send.

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