Problems with r/TrueRateMe (Written By a Former Mod)

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Reddit’s TrueRateMe and Its Problems

You may have heard of the TrueRateMe community on Reddit, where guys and girls post pictures in hopes of getting an objective rating of their attractiveness.

Thing is, those who post on TrueRateMe get brutal feedback. Visitors find these ratings artificially low and mean-spirited. But sadly, insecure people are more likely to believe that a low rating is a true one.

A former moderator had this to say about the TrueRateMe subreddit:


Looking for a TrueRateMe Alternative?

Truth be told, there are a lot of rating communities on Reddit, and they all have different goals. Some are meant to make people feel good, others to make people feel bad.

The honest truth is that getting a rating is pretty pointless altogether.

Getting a low rating might give you a sick sense of pleasure. By convincing you that you’re special, that dating is harder for you than anyone else, it can help you rationalize short-sighted, lazy, or immature behavior (e.g. giving up on meeting people, blaming your problems on shallow people withholding love from you, assuming 100% of the opposite sex is bad). But this will only hurt your happiness in the long run. Note: if this hits home, I recommend “Models” by Mark Manson — here’s a Reddit review.

Likewise, a high rating might feel good for a few minutes. But as soon as you face a dating rejection (as 99.9% of us do), you’ll need another hit of approval to feel good about yourself. Being dependent on other people’s approval is no way to live.

Just Struggling to Get Matches on Dating Apps?

There’s a lot of competition for attention on dating apps, so if you struggle with self-esteem, meeting people in person might be less taxing emotionally.

However, if you do decide to use dating apps, it can be helpful to get feedback on your photos to be sure your profile represents you well.

Photos don’t just show people accurately. (Subreddits like TrueRateMe could benefit from learning this.) Fact is, it can take some skill just to look as attractive as you are in real life. Not to mention, it’s very hard to convey what kind of person you are and all the good things you have to offer.

For help, try Photofeeler to get a read on how attractive, smart, and trustworthy your photos look.


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