Too Ugly for Tinder? Highly Unlikely. Here’s How to Know the Truth

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Too ugly for Tinder?

Think you’re too ugly for Tinder?

A lot of people who fail to get matches on Tinder — usually men — conclude that they must be too ugly for dating apps. Or too short. Or too ethnic. Or too bald. Or too poor. The list goes on.

The truth is, getting no matches on Tinder generally boils down to one of two problems:

1. You live out in the country

In essence: because you live in a rural area, there’s not enough Tinder users around you to have a real shot.

2. (The more common problem) Your photos are not attractive

Note: I said photos. Your photos are not attractive. In truth, everyone can look unattractive or attractive given the right pictures.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A, Source

Some people are just so good-looking and photogenic that most pictures of them turn out well. Some people are so hideous that they can’t look attractive in a picture without pulling some kind of deception.

But both of the above scenarios are rare.

The large majority of people are average or hover around “5” on a 1-10 scale. And, when you’re average-looking, the difference between a bad and good picture is genuinely consequential. You can look ugly or very good-looking depending on the picture.

Looking attractive in pics is a skill that average-looking people must learn, and those who do gets tons of matches and dates on Tinder.

Now here’s what to do about it: Run your pictures through Photofeeler (a profile photo rating site) and see how different pictures get different scores.

Because your attractiveness varies a lot photo-to-photo, you will see that right away.

Use this to take better pictures, and it will change your Tinder game completely. You will be amazed.

[pfcta image="dating_2" img_class="aligncenter" alt="Dating pics rated on Photofeeler"] Dating pics rated on Photofeeler

Go to now and give it a try!