What is a Tinder Super Like? (And Can It Help Me?)

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Tinder Super Like

What Is a Tinder Super Like?

On Tinder, giving a Super Like is a way to tell someone that you’re especially interested in them. 😍

Free users get 1 Super Like to give away per day, while Tinder PlusTinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum users get 5.

You can give someone a Super Like by swiping up (rather than left or right) on their profile.

The user you Super Liked will not be notified immediately. However, when you come up in their photo stack, there will be a blue bar and star on your profile, indicating that you Super Liked them. If they swipe right, it will point out the Super Like again on the “It’s a Match” screen.

Tinder Super Like Screenshot

Can Super Liking Help Me Get Matches and Dates on Tinder?


• Super Likes catch a Tinder user’s attention, so they’re likely to carefully scan your profile (giving you more of a chance)
• When you Super Like someone, your own profile is moved higher up in their photo stack, guaranteeing they’ll see you the next time they’re swiping

…But Probably Not:

• The consensus among Tinder users online is this: if you seem attractive, the Super Like is nice. If you do not seem attractive, the Super Like comes across a bit desperate.

In other words, if she wasn’t going to swipe right before, she probably won’t do it just because of a Super Like.

If Super Likes Can’t Guarantee Me More Matches, What Can?

Having a great Tinder profile. An optimized profile.

You don’t have to be an underwear model to look attractive on Tinder. You just need to use pics that sell you well.

But the vast majority of Tinder users unknowingly choose pics that are horribly unflattering to them.

Answer? Test your pics on Photofeeler. Choosing a profile pic this way has been known to increase matches on Tinder by 200-400%.


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