Swipe Buster Doesn’t Actually Work, Often Fails to Find Profiles

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Swipe Buster Swipebuster

Swipe Buster is an online tool for looking up a particular person on Tinder.

Suspect your partner is cheating? Wonder if your ex is swiping for love these days? Swipe Buster can find out if this person is on Tinder and send you their profile pics/info.

Or can they? Unfortunately, reports are saying that Swipebuster doesn’t actually work that well.

According to tech writer Ethan Chiel:

I created an account, put 10 dollars on it (4.99 buys 3 searches), and gave it a shot.

Of the 4 searches I performed (one on myself, and three on colleagues I knew to be on Tinder), only one returned the account in question. The other searches turned up either nothing or a number of people with the same first name and age as the people I was searching for…

I asked Swipebuster about this unimpressive success rate… [A support person said,] “We are working to complete the queue and you should be getting better results than 1/4 hit rate.” They added that the better results should start appearing sometime in the next day or so. I’m still waiting.

Other reporters have questioned how the Swipebuster creator could have thought this service was a good idea in the first place, given its scary implications for abuse victims and the closeted LGBTQ.

It all begs the question… is there a better solution for jealous exes and suspicious spouses than Swipe Buster?

Well, of course. As cheesy as it may sound: honesty, communication, being dignified and forthright, or — as the case may prescribe — seeking new connection with someone you can trust. Because any relationship expert will tell you, if you feel you need to snoop, something’s already gone wrong in paradise.

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