NEVER Use the Snapchat Dog Filter On a Dating Profile [3 Reasons!]

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Snapchat Dog Filter

We can think of 3 solid reasons never to use the Snapchat dog filter on dating apps/sites. (Yes, I mean including you.) (No, really, don’t do it.)

#1 The Snapchat Dog Filter Covers Your Face More Than You Think It Does

You know what you look like. So when a filter is overlaid on your face, you can fill in the gaps pretty easily.

Strangers — especially on dating apps/sites — want to know what you actually look like. They cannot guess. So you’re best off giving them several clear views of your face. (Lest they think you’re hiding something bad.)

#2 The Snapchat Dog Filter Makes You Look Better to Yourself, But Worse to Others

In addition to giving you the dog ears and nose, the dog face filter automatically smooths your skin and slims your face. As a result, you look at your image and say, “Daaamn I look good!”

Because strangers aren’t familiar with the exact specifications of your face, these details are less noticeable to them. Rather, what they DO notice is… um…. she has a dog face on her face? And that seems… um… weird?

#3 The Snapchat Dog Filter Gets a Bad Rap

The dog filter has gotten itself a reputation for being used by promiscuous women.

Yes, I hear you: that shouldn’t have anything to do with you (pre-judging sucks!). But. Using this filter could unintentionally imply something you don’t mean to communicate.

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