As Seen on Reddit Seduction: Trick to 3-5x Your Tinder Matches

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This is the best advice ever on Reddit Seduction (“Seddit”) for online game.

Women swipe based on your *pics*, not what you look like IRL

• You don’t need to be better-looking to get Tinder matches. You just need better Tinder pics.

• Most guys unknowingly use pics that drag their number down.

“My friend and I went to my local park and local bay and took a couple pictures of eachother in case we ever wanted to get back on tinder… I decided to post my favorite of the new pictures to both amiugly and photofeeler. Needless to say on photofeeler the best score I ever got was about 35% attractive and this time with about 20-25 votes I’ve gotten 75,80, and 85% attractive in the three categories with only 1 vote being a 0 or ugly. So clearly trying to take good photos and putting in about an hour or two of time is really worth it.” — Ten245

• Using Photofeeler to choose Tinder pics = 3-5x (200-400%) increase in Tinder matches

“I tried some and the results might surprise you, pics I thought were bad got 80-85% attractive and pics I thought were cool 5%😲” — godutchnow

“I have photos that rate <20% in all categories, and one that's like 80,75, and 55. Things like good lighting, smiling, looking at the camera, what you're wearing, the background... all big differences. It's the difference between the actress on the cover of a magazine (minus photoshop) and the tabloid photo where they caught her out for a walk and she looks terrible." — DoctorDugong2132

“Yup, different photos, different ratings, mine oscilates from 7 to 76 (on attractiveness) meaning that it’s all about the photo and nothing about the guy on it… in the end, with or without the muscles a bathroom mirror selfie is always going to be likely to activate the douche alarm in both men and women on Tinder or anywhere in life.” — nightingaleteam


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