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Where Can I Rate Pictures / Get Pictures Rated (like Hot or Not)?

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Rate pictures, Hot or Not

Where to rate pics not that Hot or Not is no longer?

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Photofeeler is the world’s #1 photo rating tool.

Basically, it’s like a modern, classier, and more scientific Hot or Not! It is used for flirty dating photos and buttoned-up LinkedIn pictures alike.

Sure, there are alternatives, like Rateme on Reddit, but tread carefully as it’s a bit unhinged there. Not to mention, it’s hard to receive any actionable feedback on how to improve the photo itself. It’s really just testing your baseline attractiveness via one pic, and that’s close to impossible to get accurate results.

With Photofeeler, we give testers input on their photos so they can boost their attractiveness through better pics.

All in all, it’s the best place to get real, usable feedback on how you’re coming across in pics.

You can also rate pictures to your heart’s content on Photofeeler, provided that your answers are thoughtful and honest.


Go to now and give it a try!