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Should You Hire an Online Dating Photographer? [Pros and Cons]

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Online Dating Photographer?

What You Should Know About Hiring an Online Dating Photographer

In simple pros and cons.


• Photographers know about flattering light and angles. Hiring one is easier than learning about this yourself.

• You can spend 30 minutes to an hour with a photographer and have dozens of photos to choose from (assuming you choose a photographer that gives you all the photos from your session — see “cons” below).


• Good photographers are expensive.

• Photo shoots can seem vulnerable and scary for some people, in which case they’d rather ask a friend to take photos or snap them while alone.

• According to feedback on Photofeeler, online daters actually prefer amateur-looking photos because they feel authentic and personal. Professionally-taken photos can raise questions (“Is he a catfish?) or seem a bit try-hard to some people.

• Choosing the right photographer requires research. Otherwise, you can fall into common traps. For instance, most photographers offer a photo shoot price that only includes 1 or 2 high-res digital files from your session. And often, you even have to pick them on the spot!

If you’re going to hire a photographer, book one who includes all the photos from your shoot so you have plenty to test on Photofeeler and pinpoint your best. (Photofeeler recommends looking at with discount code PHOTOFEELER.)

Photofeeler is a tool for testing profile pics, as seen in Time, Forbes, The Today Show, and more. Know for certain how you’re coming across in your dating pictures. It’s free to use here.


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