Perfect LinkedIn Headline Examples You Can Steal & Edit

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LinkedIn Headline Examples

What Should My LinkedIn Headline Say?

A few quick tips before I get to the specific examples you can swipe:

DON’T use your official job title if it doesn’t explain what you actually do.
DO use keywords you want to show up in searches for.
DON’T say “unemployed” or “seeking new opportunities.” (You’re wasting the opportunity to name your expertise and risk looking a bit desperate in the process.)

LinkedIn Headline Examples (Copy-paste!)

Marketer who helps businesses create high-ROI Facebook and Google ads.

Headshot photographer who helps professionals and performers be seen — the way they want to be seen.

Salesperson who helps software companies multiply their revenue and grow bigger, faster.

Project manager who helps digital agencies organize, inspire, and move from start to finish on time — every time.

Software engineer who helps IoT companies bring hardware to life.

Personal trainer who helps regular men and women get into the best shape of their life.

Educator who helps elementary-age children thrive in this most-important stage of their life.

Accountant who helps small businesses get in control of their finances and sleep sounder at night.

But First, Make Sure You’re Using the Right LinkedIn Photo

Is your LinkedIn pic saying what you think it’s saying?

Here’s the (sad) truth: People will read your profile in a much more positive light if your LinkedIn picture makes an excellent first impression.

Solution? Choose the right LinkedIn photo using hard data with Photofeeler.


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