What’s Better than GetYou? Photofeeler.com

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Looking for an app like GetYou but better?

The GetYou app promises a “social reality check” and to show you how the world “gets” you. Though, in actuality, GetYou is focused on being a dating app more than giving anyone useful feedback on how they’re coming across.

Fortunately, for anyone who’s looking for an alternative, you can get real feedback on how you’re coming across at Photofeeler.

Photofeeler can tell you if a photo makes you look Competent, Likable, Influential, Confident, Authentic, Fun, Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractive.

You can even test different photos and see if they give different impressions. (Hint: They do.)

Go to Photofeeler.com now to give it a try! (It’s free)