Is Tinder Worth It? For Dating? Hooking Up? [Pros/Cons]

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Is Tinder worth it?

Is Tinder Worth It?

You’re single and feeling alone. Should you give Tinder a try? We did the research so you don’t have to.

Is Tinder Worth It for Dating or just Hooking up?

Often, right after people ask, “Should I get on Tinder?”… their next question is, “Is it just for hook-ups or do people really date on there?”

So here’s your answer to that inevitable sub-question: Some people use Tinder to hook up. These people swipe right on everyone and spray matches with smutty messages. Because of this, it’s easy to feel like they’re the predominant type of person on the app.

But don’t be fooled! Hook-up seekers are just a loud minority. According to research, twice as many people sign up for Tinder out of the desire for a relationship than for hooking up.

Pros and Cons of Getting on Tinder


• Tinder is free. (So you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.)

• Tinder is wildly popular, so there are likely tons of people in your area.

• Tinder is wildly popular, so no one can shame you for trying it. (Practically everyone has.)

• Tinder is fast to set up and use.


• Tinder can become a time sink if you let it (by becoming preoccupied with swiping and messaging every hour of the day.)

• Just like with any dating site or app, it does take some work. If you want to actually meet people in real life, you have to send a few messages back and forth and make a plan to meet them. And, unfortunately, not every first date will be pure magic.

• If your profile isn’t any good, it’s possible you won’t get any matches on Tinder. And that can be a big hit to people’s self-esteem.

So, Final Call: Is Tinder Worth Trying?

Here’s what it comes down to.

Tinder is worth it if: you want to meet new people — the fastest, easiest way possible.

Tinder is simply an awesome tool for that. And it’s free, so why not?

Tinder is not worth it if: you don’t want to expend any effort whatsoever.

What you get out of Tinder depends on what you put in.

If you think someone rejecting your profile is the same as rejecting you, as a person — and you give up on Tinder as a result — well, that’s on you. Regular, good-looking people make bad Tinder profiles all the time. Learning to improve is just a part of the process.

To help, you can always put some pics up at Photofeeler to see how they’re coming across to women or men. I’ve seen it increase Tinder match rates by a ton! In fact, if you used it from the start, you might never have to go through a Tinder rejection phase at all.


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