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How to Look Fun in Photos

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How to Look Fun in Pics

Everybody needs at least one super-fun picture to round off their social or dating profiles.

The fun picture isn’t usually the main profile picture, but it serves an important purpose nonetheless. While your main pic may prove that you’re sane, smart, etc., your fun picture solidifies the fact that you’d be great to spend time with.

Knowing the key differences between photos of the same person with low and high “fun” ratings on Photofeeler, here’s 5 of our best tips for getting that perfectly engaging shot.

1. Don’t just stand there

Pose for pictures how you act in everyday life

We at Photofeeler have nothing against a simple stand-and-smile picture, but if looking fun is your #1 priority, this is the time to take a different direction.

Consider instead doing something with your arms (lifting them up in victory, fist-pumping) or legs (jumping, kicking).

You can also use your face to show a goofy side, but beware! Silly faces can turn crazy in a heartbeat, so don’t contort your face as far as it will go, alright? Subtle goofiness on your face — the kind of faces you would actually make in real life to signal disbelief, cynicism, or camaraderie — will come across the absolute best.

2. Use interesting props

Pose for pictures how you act in everyday life

Bringing props into the picture gives you the chance to say a lot about yourself. Viewers can get a glimpse of what you like. Additionally, how you engage with props can show your sense of humor.

Sports gear, instruments, and gimmicks like those face-in-hole displays at fairs or a photo booth mustache can work great. Posing with a statue in a lighthearted way (provided it is not sexual) is also a crowd-pleaser.

3. Find an interesting backdrop

Pose for pictures how you act in everyday life

Sometimes the only difference between a picture that’s bland and one that’s poppin’ is a different background.

Street art, especially wall murals, are a perfect go-to for adding a sense of fun to your picture. Do some googling to find the hot spots in your city!

4. Show your human side

Pose for pictures how you act in everyday life

People look more interesting when they seem, well, like people — with a personality and a point of view — and not just like a posed mannequin.

To inject personality into your images, try to get a sense of candidness in your pictures.

To get fully candid pictures, you can ask a friend to take some pictures of you while you’re cooking or riding your bike.

What’s best of all, however, is to try and cultivate self-acceptance so that you look like “you” whether a picture is premeditated or not. Flaws or no flaws, everybody looks more fun when they’re comfortable with themselves.

5. Include other people

Pose for pictures how you act in everyday life

If looking fun is your goal, you’ll want to have at least one group picture on your profile.

Having other people in your pictures acts as social proof. The psychology goes: if those people want to be around him/her, he/she’s probably okay!

Note that the pics don’t necessarily need to focus on anyone but you. Sometimes you can still get that social proof even if the other people are mostly cropped out.

Also keep in mind, if you’re going to use group pictures: you shouldn’t use one as a main image. When a group pic is the first one someone sees, they have no way of knowing who you are! Always best to make that clear up-front.

Well that concludes our tips for looking more fun in pictures. Put them to good use and we’ll see you on Photofeeler with your next batch of shots!