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How to Get a Very Different Rating on Photofeeler

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How to Get a Very Different Rating on Photofeeler

Did your first photo get a low ranking on Photofeeler?

If so, you’re in the majority. Most users’ initial photos are not their best. Killer results on Photofeeler generally require some experimentation.

But this question comes up a lot: Is it even possible for me to do better with another picture?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES; everyone is capable of making very different first impressions with different pictures. This is the norm — not the exception.

To accomplish this yourself, do what other people have done: make some of the following changes to your pics and see how it changes your scores.

#1 Change Your Lighting

Get a very different score on Photofeeler by changing your photo lighting
via [this amazing lighting guide by] Wistia

If Photofeeler HQ was about to fall into a sinkhole and be swallowed up forever, and someone said, “What are your last words, Photofeeler HQ?” We would say:

“Diffused natural light. Also no Snapchat puppy filter. But, most importantly, diffused natural light.”

That is to say… good lighting really makes a world of difference in how you look.

For a good lighting how-to, check out: How Lighting Changes What You Look Like.

#2 Change Your Angle

Get a very different rating on Photofeeler by experimenting with face and body angles
via Digital Photography School

When you’re looking at someone in person, you see many angles of their face and body in succession.

In photos, however, this variation is lost.

So if you choose bad angles, you’re going to end up looking worse in pictures than you do in real life.

No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, so everyone has a side that photographs better. Consider taking some selfies from either side to determine which is yours.

Angles can also add psychological meaning. For instance, a photo taken from a low angle gives the viewer the experience of “looking up to you.” It makes someone look instantly more powerful.

Get very different photo test results on Photofeeler by taking pictures above or below eye level
via CM245

On the other hand, pictures taken from up high can give the impression of “looking down” on the person. This is more of a “cute” look and is known to make subjects look thinner.

#3 Change Your Expression

Get very different photo scores by changing your facial expressions slightly

Even the subtlest changes in facial expression can make a big difference in how you’re perceived.

It’s worth noting that — statistically speaking — genuine smiles tend to outperform other facial expressions in nearly every category on Photofeeler. But the only way to find out what works for you is through testing.

#4 Change Your Pose

Get a very different photo rating on Photofeeler by trying different poses and body language
via Giphy

Hand on your face? Hand on your elbow? Hand in your pocket?

Body sitting? Standing? Walking?

When you make changes like these, you quickly realize that certain configurations of your body look more natural than others.

Your body language can also send wildly different messages. With only a slight change in posture, a pose can go from “try-hard and artificial” to “cool and comfortable” and back.

#5 Change Your Personal Styling

Get a very different photo test score on Photofeeler with different clothes, accessories, or by changing your hairstyle
via Aanand Prasad on Medium

Sometimes changing the entire vibe of a picture just comes down to quick changes in clothing, accessories, hair, or makeup.

Say, for instance, a girl wears biker gloves in her photo. People are going to assume she is a “biker chick” and judge accordingly. If she takes the gloves off and wears thick-rimmed glasses, people will assume she’s nerdy.

Be aware that all the easily changeable things about how you look — from sunglasses on your face to the length of your hair — can change people’s impressions of you in an instant.

#6 Big Picture: What Story Does This Image Tell?

Human beings look different moment-to-moment, day-to-day.

Sometimes you look like “just woke up guy.” Sometimes you look like “office guy.” Sometimes you even look like “post-workout sweaty guy.” And that’s just a teeny tiny percentage of all the kinds of guys you can look like on any given day.

Pictures don’t do us justice in this regard. Pictures freeze one moment and make strangers feel as if the guy in that picture is who we are 24/7.

No single photo can ever tell the truth about you. Every photo exaggerates a specific story about what you look like and who you are.

Photofeeler profile photo test results
Different “dating” pics of the same guy on Photofeeler

When you’re choosing a picture to use for a profile, be aware of the story you’re telling.

What would a stranger extrapolate from this picture knowing nothing else about you?

All of what we covered here is just matter of experimentation. A certain shadow on a face can change the impression it makes, or a smile being just 10% more genuine. Being in a different setting can say different things about the kind of person you are. So there’s always more to try if you’re really gunning for a higher score!

Put these tips to good use and we’ll see you back on Photofeeler with your next batch of pics!