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How old is too old for dating app profile photos?

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It happened. I spotted the same photo on a dating app from four years ago just last week.

My first question was “why?”

We both know you don’t look 23 anymore; you’re 27!

Have you not taken any new photos since? Not a single one?

The results are in…

Experts say that dating app profile pictures should not be more than 3 years old.

Reddit users state 2 years old is too old.

We’ll leave it up for interpretation, but if you’ve undergone any lifestyle changes, haircuts /color, or just look drastically different than your current Tinder pics– it’s time to start fresh!

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Avoid these lines:

Don’t make excuses for not snapping a current pic, like some of these daters in their bios:

“The first picture is current.”

“My hair is shaved now, close to the last pic.”

“I’ve lost 50 lbs since these pictures.”

“I’m missing my left shoulder blade now, sorry for the lack of updated photos.”

“My cameraphone got run over by a semi-truck, please look at my 3rd photo from high school instead.”

I’m sure you can agree that as life progresses, so do our looks. Attaching your college graduation picture when you’re 35 is not representative of you now.

Baby pictures are cool and cute and everything, but save those for the 5th date.

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A general rule of thumb

Your photos should represent your appearance if you went on a date right now; not a year ago, not when you had that malicious mohawk in university.

Believe us, unbiased opinions are so helpful when choosing your next saucy dating app photos.

When in doubt, Photofeeler it out.

If you’re unsure about your newly updated pics, test them before you post them on apps. Plus, you’ll gain some confirmation that you still look and feel great!