eHarmony vs Match: Cost, Ease? Best for Dating in Your 30s/40s?

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eHarmony vs Match

eHarmony vs Match

When it comes to online dating websites, which is the better choice: eHarmony vs Match? Let’s break it down.

What Do They Cost?


How much does eHarmony cost? Here are the current USA/Canada basic subscription prices for eHarmony in 2022:

Duration Price per Month Plan
24 Months $35.90 Extra
12 Months $45.90 Plus
6 Months $65.90 Light

How much does cost? Here are the current USA/Canada Standard subscription prices for 2022:

Duration Price per Month
12 Months $11.99
6 Months $15.99
3 Months $24.99

And here are the Premium subscriptions:

Duration Price per Month
12 Months $13.99
6 Months $17.99
3 Months $26.99

What Are Their Differences?


What makes eHarmony most unique is its long personality questionnaire. It takes a fair amount of time to complete, but it’s required in order to get any matches on the site.

Once your questionnaire is complete, 1 of 2 things can happen:

  1. You will begin to receive picked-for-you matches whose profiles you can view, message, etc.
  2. Your personality will not fit properly into eHarmony’s model, in which case you will not be able to make an account.


Match, on the other hand, does not require a lengthy questionnaire in order to get started.

Also unlike eHarmony, Match allows you to search through all the matches in its database at will. Match does recommend matches to you, but you’re not limited to viewing or messaging only the people that they picked.

Match also offers a range of add-ons if you’re looking for something specific like incognito mode or read receipts.

What Are Their Problems?


Not everyone is happy with letting eHarmony decide who is or isn’t right for them. Some people in sparsely populated areas receive very few matches or none at all.

Some eHarmony users have reported that there are scammers on the site trying to take financial advantage of single men and women. It seems all dating sites — not just eHarmony — are unfortunately struggling with this problem lately, so it’s something to be aware of going in.


Searching for your own matches on Match can feel overwhelming and tedious for some people.

Match users have also reported problems with fake profiles and scammers like the rest of the dating websites/apps today.

Match users say that they tend to receive more views and messages at the end of their subscription, which may be a ploy to get them to renew.

Some Match users have reported difficulty with customer service and especially in cancelling their memberships. Many claim that they called to cancel but were billed anyway. While we can’t personally confirm or deny, do proceed carefully with this.

Which Is Best for Dating In Your 30s/40s?

All that said, we believe that Match is the slightly better choice of online dating site for those of you men and women dating in your 30s and 40s.

Why? Because there is a bigger pool of users, and you have greater control over who you view and contact. The done-for-you style of eHarmony, on the contrary, can be a bit stifling.

We just suggest being aware of Match’s problems going in and being careful not to be taken advantage of as you use the site to meet many wonderful people.

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